Personal Information




Joint Information


Joint Income


Loan Purpose



Friend or relative not living in the same household.



Please Read Before Submitting Application

All the information in this application is true. I understand that section 1014 Title 18 U.S. Code makes it a federal crime to knowingly make a false statement on this application. You have my permission to check it. You may retain this application even if not approved. I understand that you may receive information from others about my credit and you may answer questions and requests from others seeking credit or experience information about me or my accounts with you. If this application is approved, I agree to honor the provisions of the credit or loan agreement and security agreement covering my account or loan. (If this application is for two of us, this statement applies to both of us.)

Credit Report Authorization

By signing this Application, I authorize you to obtain my credit report for the purposes of evaluating this application and to obtain subsequent credit reports on an on-going basis in connection with this transaction, and for all other legitimate purposes, such as reviewing my accounts or taking collection action on the account.

I further understand that if I am already a member, then my account must be in good standing. If I am not already a member, then I must meet membership requirements at ASE Credit Union and open a new account prior to loan disbursement.